About us

High-Value Nutrition (HVN) |Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga is a National Science Challenge with a 10-year mission to develop high-value foods with validated health benefits to drive economic growth for Aotearoa New Zealand.

We invest in science excellence and building collaborative relationships between research and industry to create new platforms, build capabilities, and enable innovation.

Our programmes

The HVN runs four Priority Research Programmes in

We work in other aligned health areas via our Contestable Fund.

Underpinning the HVN research are two Enabling Programmes, which ensure investigational products in our programmes are desirable for consumers, innovative and suitable to be taken as food:

Celebrating 10 years of the High-Value Nutrition |Ko Ngā Kai Whai Painga

Foodomics 2024 will celebrate 10 years of the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge: the achievements and successes of our partners, academics, scientists and industry.

Contact us

Email: hvn@auckland.ac.nz

Website: High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge